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  • Re: Lithium iron phosphate 12v 100amp battery - anyone installed in a t@b?

    Meh, drop in replacement is questionable.  I've decided to go with 2 - 6v golf cart batteries.  If anyone out there installs a lithium battery in their t@b, please give details on what when how!  

    Response from Wfco converter installed in our t@bs:  "You will not get the full benefit of the Lithium battery by using a normal converter.  It is best to have a converter that is designed for this type of battery.  We are still working on this but don't have one on the market as of yet."

    Response from Zamp (using 120amp solar suitcase now):   "The new 120-P has the ability to work with a lithium battery, but your model from 201 does not.
    You would need to order a new lithium charge controller for your unit to be able to use a lithium battery."

    Response from lithium battery manufacturer:  NONE
  • Re: ***** In Loving Memory *****

    Prayers for you and your family Eric. Much love in your treasured memories and heart, always. (((hugs)))
  • Re: Lithium iron phosphate 12v 100amp battery - anyone installed in a t@b?

    Thank you so much for your feedback.  Yep, not exactly trusting info sellers put out there. My first step is asking if anyone has already installed li batteries in a t@b – doesn’t look like it darn.  I've got more researching to do.  FYI, I’m not deterred by the expense as much as the fact that no one has done it!   In retrospect, I should’ve purchased the outback.  Since I didn’t, I’m happy to put that extra expense right back into my 2016 maxs.  I’ve got a few upgrades to make my Bella nearly perfect for me.  Lifted outback axles happening and want to move the spare tire to the tongue.  I’m concerned about tire along with the extra weight of 2 6volt batteries, plus the aluminum platform and whatever I put in storage boxes on that platform.  My perfect world includes li battery!  Maybe WFCO will get this converter on the market someday, doesn’t appear to be available yet. 

    Lithium-Ion Converter Coming Soon

    On February 20, 2017

    WFCO has a history of providing RV electrical solutions that the marketplace needs, often well before the demand reaches a peak, and this instance is no exception! As part of WFCO’s continued commitment to providing the RV industry with leading power solutions, we will soon be introducing the industry’s first two-stage Lithium-Ion Converter for RVs.

  • Re: Camping with Dogs

    Yes, he takes up a lot of space, but just look how comfy he is!   Only 2 short trips so far, still learning how to organize.   Having a short hair dog helps.  Washable cotton comforter.  I've left him waiting in the car in cool weather, but don't think I'd leave him in the trailer.  
  • Re: Report in from the road!

    elmeaux said:
    Honestly, I'm looking forward to less "outdoorsy" activities and more "keep Austin weird" on that trip. :) 
    McKinney Falls is perfect for exploring Austin.  You'll find plenty of what you're looking for.  Can't wait to hear your report on music, food, graffiti art and other assorted weirdness!