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  • Wait Before Buying Anything From the Online Store

    I used the new link on the nuCamp site to purchase a Walker Tent for our T@B 400. The sale seemed to go without a hitch, but I wanted to make sure I would receive the tent before we departed on our trip in a few days. Well, the phone number at the bottom of the page must be disconnected, because it has been giving me as busy signal for over 24 hours. I used the email contact and have not heard anything. I finally got in contact with Elsie in parts who told me that they would get the tent to me at our campground via UPS. Awesome sauce!
    Then Elsie called me a couple hours later.
    The Walker tents have all been sent out to be installed with a thicker connection that will fit the Keder rail on the US T@Bs (Walker tents are made in the UK to fit the German made 400). So, we do not know when we will be getting the tent. Furthermore, more than one contact at nuCamp has admitted that they should not have launched the online store yet; too many issues yet to be resolved. The advice I can offer to anyone dealing with nuCamp is: be patient. They are enduring a lot of growing pains and are aware of the communication issues between shops and departments.
    Once we get the tent, we'll update with info regarding the tent itself and the process of receiving it.
  • Re: Strangely quiet in T@B 400 Land

    Alrighty! We picked up our 2018 400 on Wednesday (after a lengthy process involving substitution of collateral) and headed up to Gettysburg for two nights of trial camping. While the only changes that can be seen by the naked eye between our 2017 and the 2018 are the metal hinges instead of the plastic hinges on the counter leaf extension in the galley and on the lid to the storage compartment in the dinette seat, the overall fit and finish feels much tighter. All the systems (water, electric, Alde, sewer, etc.) worked perfectly. If you haven't used the Alde system, you will love it. Had LOTS of admirers stop and ask, "What is that? That's what we need!" We are off on a five night trip through Tennessee coming soon, which will test the boondocking qualities. Great work, nuCamp, and thank you!