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  • Re: Alde issue?

    Update:  propane appears to be working to heat camper!  Will add this to my notes.
  • Re: 400 is not operating at all on battery power

    More drama...went to pick up camper.  New thicker wire and 40 amp circuit breaker installed.  Still no charged battery.  They said it was at 11%.  It apparently at some point had tripped the circuit breaker and nobody noticed until I got there.  So much for monitoring to make sure it was charging for 6 hours.  NuCamp has been called again and word is I may have a bad battery.  Marvin is supposed to talk with my service advisor tomorrow to see what to do.  Apparently the battery is warrantied by the battery manufacturer, so there may need to be some discussion there.  

    I towed the camper home.  I had plans already to use it this weekend.  I will have electricity.  I have the fancy surge protector/EMS thingie.  I have availability of 50 amp hookups and I have a a50 to 30 amp converter.  I have propane. I now have a voltmeter and a BAL leveler.  And two levels.  And a fancy sewer hose.  I have verified the Alde is functional, although I'm not sure it is heating as fast as I would like.  I did turn on the propane with the electric for a short time and that seemed to help, but I don't have a good sense of how long the propane will last yet so I turned it off, turned down the thermostat and left it plugged into my house.  Will get down to 27 tonight.  I didn't fill with any water.  Oh, and I have a fever and chills.  But, I am going to my dog agility trial.  In the camper.  With no battery.  Arriving at 8 PM.  Driving myself.  If I can pull this off, everything else will seem easy.  Wish me luck.  In an emergency, I have a couple of friends there at the trial.  
  • Re: Breakaway Brakes

    Update on battery.  The voltmeter I purchased is plugged in.  It is staying around 12.61 to 12.68.  The battery button when pushed says full.   The lights work.  The fridge runs and the fans work.  I was plugged into 30 amp over the weekend.  So I'm not sure if it was just finally able to finish its charging process?  Should I take it somewhere for them to run any more tests on the battery?

  • Leveling

    Is there a point to leveling the trailer other than making it more comfortable to walk in?  Is it as simple as adjusting the tongue jack and the stabilizers to get it close or do you need some kind of equipment? A small level came with the trailer,  not sure if I need anything else.   
  • Re: Breakaway Brakes

    @SAM, @dsfdogs just got off phone with Marvin, thinks bad cell in battery,  Harris battery will replace, have to work with them directly.  Also did say safe to drive,  breakaway brake power should cone from my tv.