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  • Re: Post up some shots of your T@B set-up at the camp site!

    Barton Flats Campground, Angeles Oaks, CA.
  • Re: Post up some shots of your T@B set-up at the camp site!

    Memorial weekend "shakedown" trip with our new 2016 T@B Max S up at Table Mountain Campground, Angeles Forest.

    It was very chilly, even during the day sitting in the sunlight.

    This is a beautiful campground. Ample space between spurs, very clean pit toilets, and the campground host, Bob, was super helpful and nice! Would definitely go there again.

  • Re: Shower Door

    Hi! I've been a long time "creeper" on the forum. This is my first time posting a comment.

    We just brought home our new 2016 T@B Max S last Thursday, then took it out Friday night for camping up at Table Mountain Campgrounds in the Angeles Forest, north-east of Los Angeles.

    First time we opened the shower door, the magnetic strip slipped out. Didn't notice it right away in the dim light. As the door continued to open the strip broke into several pieces. With some help, we stuffed the pieces back into the track and duct taped it in place. Now that we've got the T@B back home, DH siliconed the end cap in place. We'll see how long it holds.

    Thank you for providing this forum! We've certainly found the discussions quite useful.

    I have more stories to tell, but will find the appropriate threads on which to add.