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  • Re: Black Water Horrors

    I have been using a 6 gallon Blue Boy, without wheels, this summer for gray water. I just strapped it to a Harbor Freight hard plastic moving dolly then added a spare dog leash to the dolly to take it to the dump. It worked very well, and is close to the height of the sewer outlet. I did use it over the weekend for the black tank waste, lifting it to my tailgate and strapping it down for safety. It worked well.  I used my 15’ Rhino hose to fill the Blue Boy, since it had the correct ends. 
  • Re: Does anyone mount the spare under the back of the T@B Max where it's supposed to be?

    nüCamp does not recommend a receiver hitch on the T@B or T@G.  The frames are not built for such extensions. Do so at your own risk.
  • Re: 2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 tow package 6500#.

    The head service writer at my dealer said the rear end suspension is made soft for a car-like ride. I am well under half of the allowed tongue weight and the rear end goes down when hitched.  I have to add 25 to 30 lbs of air in the air bags to bring the Tacoma level when towing the T@B. Without the airbags, I was blinding everyone with my headlights if I had to drive after dark. 
  • Re: Boondocking at high altitude in the cold

    @Jellybones11, if your pipes are frozen......the PEX pipes do have a bit of expansion, but not a lot. If they are frozen solid, it could mean the possibility of burst pipes.

    My advice would be to drain your fresh water tank, move your valves into the winterizing mode, use a small compressor to gently blow out all your lines as the winterizing documents instruct you. Please pour about a quart of pink RV antifreeze down your sink, shower toilet....follow the instructions. 

    Then buy some gallon jugs of water and use them. I was using the toilet, shower and sink on my travels to AZ last week, but I was not using the water pipes nor the fresh water tank.  Navy showers can be cleansing and refreshing if you warm the water up on the stove first.  I was also dumping the tanks every day. The temps I encountered went all the way down to 20*, so I did not dewinterize until I got to Tucson. 

    Yes, I figured you heard the freight train loud and clear ;)
  • Re: Alde Circ Pump Setting?

    @LSkrabut, I’m heading for my 4th winter in AZ, and believe me, I keep the vent and a window cracked and that just starts a natural convection of heat moving. While the Alde boiler heats so well, some natural air movement helps spread the heat quicker. 

    It’s also not healthy to not have a source of fresh air coming into your 400. While you do have a carbon monoxide detector, with your gas stove and Alde as propane users, it is a good thing to keep just a bit of fresh air coming in, even in the summer.