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  • Re: Leveling

    Hey, @ericnliz, I made it all the way to Western Texas on this trip without having to put the stabilizers down. If it just overnight, I don’t bother....until the 20 mph winds hit me broadside!  I went two more nights without having to unhitch to level, and yes I put the stabilizers down. Sometimes it just makes for a quicker getaway in the am, says the not-a-Morning-person. 
  • Re: Propane tanks

    I carry a spare tank in the rear of my truck, because I travel for weeks and months at a time.  As SAM noted the tanks only run out at night between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am.  If it’s 4am, just pull an extra blanket on and wait for dawn because it sure is easier to change it in the daylight. You tend to feel like you’re making too much noise in the dark.
  • Re: Post up some shots of your T@B set-up at the camp site!

    Friends are always close by....some you already know and others who just need a pleasant greeting to make them know they are friends. 
  • Re: checklist for freezing cold weather for our new T@B?

    @gkillmaster, do not flush with water, please. You have the right idea that it doesn’t make sense to flush with water at this time. 

    The purpose of putting the anti-freeze in the drain is so it will displace any water in the p-trap and the anti-freeze is not going to freeze.  

    In the spring, the anti-freeze will be washed away the first time you use the sink. I never make it a practice to actually flush the anti-freeze from the drain pipes. 
  • Re: T@B 400 Cover

    Three years in a row, I have tied a rope about 25’ long to the two rear loops for the bungie cords, forming a loop.

    Then I carefully fold the cover onto the front tub, the front side on the bottom, the rear side on top with the rope on top. I throw the rope over the T@B towards the rear end, behind the roof vent cover, to the rear of the T@B.  

    I gently pull on the rope so the cover starts pull up the front of the T@B. When it stops pulling easily, I tie the rope to a bucket with weight in it. I then go to the front and push the cover further up the front, loosening it so it will pull easily. I keep repeating until the cover slides down the back side. Sure it takes patience and a few steps, but when you live alone, you have to figure out how to make it work. 

    You can use an extendable painter’s pole to help the cover over the vent. Use a 6’ ladder to help get you closer. There’s many ways to get the cover on.