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  • Re: Do you think this will work for our son?

    Best bet would be to outfit him like he's going to have access to shore power and water, with a surge protector, extension cords, 25" of hose plus maybe a second 25' extra hose, a water pressure regulator, sewer hose and security devices like wheel and or hitch locks etc. Then he's got options-if a course doesn't allow overnighters at all, but there's a park-federal, state, county or city nearby with campsites and partial or full hookups, he's ready to go that route. Or he can dry camp onsite as allowed. And he  makes a list of the locations he'll be playing and a list of questions to ask of the clubhouse managers, then he'll know if and or where he needs to scout out campsites. He's lucky to have these things to explore! It sounds perfect for a golf pro! Maybe there're even forums for these folks where all of these questions have been asked and answered already, one can only hope!
  • Re: rkj__'s Ramblings

    Our Guinness was black with a sprinkling of white on his muzzle when we got him at 8 weeks, hence the name, then turned totally gray! I understand the dog world calls it blue, huh. While we call him a mutt, he is a full standard at 75 pounds and we do love him and his poodle prance. Sometimes he appears more intelligent than us. Other times, he's dumb as a rock, not unlike the rest of us I guess.  Your pack is going to have double the fun!
  • Re: newbie battery/charge questions

    While not exactly your scenario, this thread may be helpful: (found by searching on vampire draw).