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  • Re: Kuerig

    Verna said:
    I didn’t realize how simple my life is since I don’t drink coffee ;)
    And I didn't realize how complicated my life was rolling out of bed everyday and making my coffee on the propane stove with a percolator.  ;-)
  • Re: Phantom Drain

    @Homebodyatheart, is this what you thought I meant by "phantom drain?"  ;-)

  • Re: Phantom Drain

    Thanks all. I forgot that jkjenn's famous spreadsheet had parasitic draw on the first line! It's small but constant, and does add up over the course of a day. JimEngal's measurements are considerably higher, possibly reflecting additional drain from new electronics added to more recent model years.

    I think I feel some additional experimentation coming on once the T@B is recommissioned for the next season. My 2015 lacks the digital Alde panel, SeeLevel, and remote control fan, so I don't have those parasites to mind, but I might try to tease apart the drain from some of the other usual suspects. I hadn't thought of the USB ports.

    Homebodyatheart, I'm not a big fan of excessive lighting in camp, but you may be onto something with the outside outlet. Those campground chipmunks sure are cute, but I don't trust 'em any further than I can throw 'em! (And I can't catch 'em, so that ain't too far!)  :-)

  • Re: Solar

    IslandJo said:
    After reading all this I'm glad I'm going to the dealer this week to have my system installed.
    For some of us, figuring this stuff out and making it happen (not to mention talking about over and over again on the forum) is half the fun. I learn something, save a little coin in the process, and know it's done exactly the way I want.

    However, RV dealers gotta' eat too, so there's nothing wrong with pumping a little dough into the economy.

    You say potayto, I say potahto!  ;-) 
  • Re: Leveling

    I level the camper carefully mostly so I don't roll downhill while I'm sleeping.