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  • Re: 2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 tow package 6500#.

    Check out a Timbren kit. These are basically overload springs that replace your stock rear axle stop bumpers. They give you a certain amount of freeplay to maintain a cushy ride while not loaded, but they engage when the sag get beyond a certain point.
  • Re: Looking for Camp Stove Table

    GCI makes these in 25" and 20" square versions, available form various sellers. They are smaller than the ones mentioned above, but are very compact when collapsed, if that's a priority.

  • Re: Phantom Drain

    Thanks for the clarification, Jim. In this case, your numbers actually coincide with jkjenn's as her spreadsheet indicates another 0.6A draw when the Alde is on the heat setting (i.e., with the circulator pump running).

    Apparently a lack of power or fuel to the Alde's heaters does not automatically shut the entire system down. Good to know. 
  • Re: Phantom Drain

    @dsatwork, any chance you left the fridge on the DC setting? Seems somebody had a similar strange event recently and that's what it traced back to. 

  • Re: Phantom Drain

    Thanks all. I forgot that jkjenn's famous spreadsheet had parasitic draw on the first line! It's small but constant, and does add up over the course of a day. JimEngal's measurements are considerably higher, possibly reflecting additional drain from new electronics added to more recent model years.

    I think I feel some additional experimentation coming on once the T@B is recommissioned for the next season. My 2015 lacks the digital Alde panel, SeeLevel, and remote control fan, so I don't have those parasites to mind, but I might try to tease apart the drain from some of the other usual suspects. I hadn't thought of the USB ports.

    Homebodyatheart, I'm not a big fan of excessive lighting in camp, but you may be onto something with the outside outlet. Those campground chipmunks sure are cute, but I don't trust 'em any further than I can throw 'em! (And I can't catch 'em, so that ain't too far!)  :-)