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  • Re: Phantom Drain

    Thanks all. I forgot that jkjenn's famous spreadsheet had parasitic draw on the first line! It's small but constant, and does add up over the course of a day. JimEngal's measurements are considerably higher, possibly reflecting additional drain from new electronics added to more recent model years.

    I think I feel some additional experimentation coming on once the T@B is recommissioned for the next season. My 2015 lacks the digital Alde panel, SeeLevel, and remote control fan, so I don't have those parasites to mind, but I might try to tease apart the drain from some of the other usual suspects. I hadn't thought of the USB ports.

    Homebodyatheart, I'm not a big fan of excessive lighting in camp, but you may be onto something with the outside outlet. Those campground chipmunks sure are cute, but I don't trust 'em any further than I can throw 'em! (And I can't catch 'em, so that ain't too far!)  :-)

  • Re: Kuerig

    Hey @ericnliz, that's REAL camp coffee--you're s'posta filter those grounds with yer teeth!
  • Re: No microwave???

    I mostly camp without shore power, so a microwave would be about as useful as the air conditioner that now sits in my garage attic.

    In addition to the propane stove in the T@B, we have a portable stove that can be used outside. Together with a small propane grill, you can cook or heat just about anything.

    Weber Q grills are particularly popular. We use ours for grilling, griddling, and even baking.
  • Re: Alde issue?

    It's okay not to use the propane when you are plugged into shore power. If you are not plugged into shore power, you must use propane as the Alde's electrical heaters only operate on 120V.

    I can't really answer your question regarding how long it takes for the camper to heat up. However, the fact that you did have cabin heat says the Alde heaters were working fine. The same heaters that provide warmth for the cabin also heat the hot water. This suggests that your lack of hot water in the shower probably has more to do with a mis-adjusted mixing valve. I don't have one of those in my 2015, but this has been a recurrent topic here in the past. Hopefully somebody with more experience with the mixing valve can chime in with some specific advice.
  • Re: Breakaway Brakes

    @Ron, I agree that common sense dictates that the breakaway brake system should not be powered by a switched/fused line. However, I assume that nuCamp is required to meet certain industry standards in their products, and are doing so with the configuration they employ. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the vehicle operator to understand their equipment and use it properly.

    If someone were really concerned about this, rewiring the breakaway brakes directly back to the battery would be a relatively easy modification.