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  • Re: Looking for Camp Stove Table

    Nice!   I've got a lot to consider here and am looking for a good cooking table and something to set food, cooking tools, etc.on.  Some great stuff out there and I'll have to check out my credit card because I think I was recently added to Anazon's board of regents with all of my recent purchases.   :o =) =) =)
  • Re: 400 is not operating at all on battery power

    Side note:  I turned the Alde on to leave some heat in it overnight.  I basically turned on the power and set the thermostat to 65.  It is plugged into shore power at the Camping World.  I heard the glycol gurgling and saw it moving around.  Does that mean everything is working ok with the heater?  This was the first time I have turned it on.  I didn't touch the other thermostat (understanding that is only for the a/c).  

    Sounds like it is working as it should.  You should be able to place your hand by the heat runs in the trailer and feel the heat radiating out from them.  
  • Black Water Horrors

    I will probably step into some telling this story but......  

    I spoke to a guy one morning down in Why, AZ this past spring after receiving my new 42 gallon blue boy tank I got for a travel trailer I am using down in AZ as a home base if you will during the off season.   He saw the new holding tank, commented how nice a unit it was and then looked me in the eye, smiled eagerly and said, "the joys of black water....  everyone has a story!"   He proceeded to tell me his episode with his new blue boy, how he'd filled er up, let her sit in the warm Arizona sun, decided to take it over to the dump station, carefully removed the small black cap from the tank and was suddenly blasted in the face with a volcano size stream of excrement (shades of Robin Williams) and urine!  So he chuckled, waved and said, "be careful!" as I drove away.

    Needless to say I did take his advice, assembled the new blue boy, got all my ducks in order and decided I would dump the trailer on site and find out just how nice this new, large capacity blue boy would work.  I knew the new tank was fit for the task, carefully hooked up both ends of the short Rhino discharge hose, tightened things down firmly and now knew this was going to be a great moment and my new investment would really make this chore easy.  I reached down, carefully pulled the plunger out on the black water tank, heard that sudden flow or rush of material heading for the tank, heard water running and KABOOM!   before I knew I looked back at the new holding tank and the Rhino hose broke free from where it was attached to the blue boy and all heck broke loose!  I quickly pushed the valve on the black water tank in and stopped the flow, but the area was saturated and did stink to high heaven....  I had to cover up the material with dirt so I shoveled for a while until I had things fully under control.

    So the moral of the story here is that irregardless of the claims of these hose manufacturers, they will fail and it's always a good idea to inspect them, see if anything is unusual and do know that they are glued to the inside of the plastic fittings and can fail miserably when you least expect it!  I am sure there are others out there who have had similar experiences and will only say that it isn't fun, nor something you want to happen...  I've heard of people dumping the blue boys over too while transporting them and it required a hazmat style cleanup.    :o :s
  • Re: Do you think this will work for our son?

    Cendey said:
    I will have him call the club' hosting the tourneys and ask about generators! Any other accessories you can think of that we will definitely need? Thanks yall!! And not currently looking to adopt hahah as he is the last one still on "payroll"!
    One thing to consider is that some of the larger PGA golf venues probably do have locker rooms and shower facilities.  Inasmuch as the 400 does have a shower and gray water tank, your son could minimize the need to use the shower in the 400 exclusively, thus eliminating the need to dump the gray water tank more frequently.  If you know the circuits in advance you could easily find this information and possibly even consider using a nearby campground or locate a facility that would allow him to empty the holding tanks as needed.   A small generator such as a Honda would run the AC but would also mean he'd need to carry fuel in the tow vehicle, etc.  If you had a 30 amp hook-up nearby the rest would be easy.  

    Wish Santa would leave a new 400 for me!    =) :o
  • Re: nüCamp's On-Line Store and they have Paha Que products now!

    ericnliz said:
    Thanks for havin' folks backs @Michigan_Mike! :)
    @ericnliz   HUH????   :o