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  • Re: What Do People Think Of The New Little Guy MAX Compared To The T@B 400?

    We are planning to buy a 400 in the future and for me the obvious factor is because of the quality and outstanding warranty service that nuCamp brings to the table in backing up their products, evaluating/incorporating user input/ideas/suggestions into their trailer units and ensuring that customers are happy campers.  

    I know both entities well from both companies, they are both friends of mine and it's certainly not my intention to badmouth Joe Kickos here (regarding the Max as I hope he does well) or anyone else over at Little Guy World Wide because Joe is a fine individual and I know that Joe cares about quality too and he cares about his customers too and have seen him do some amazing things in the past in helping people out.  

    And on the flip-side the same is true for Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp, owner Joe Mullet and the employees at nuCamp who have been building these trailers for quite some time now.  Very stand up, committed individuals/employees who believe in their products and who live by their motto that states "I am second."  If you've ever visited the factory down in Sugarcreek you (know full well what I am talking about here) can feel it in the workforce, the energy, the intensity, the dedication, commitment, desire and friendliness.  It's a special kind of feeling (almost infectious) and rare today and something that many companies try to emulate and achieve and seldom/rarely attain this attitude/level.  These people get I think and this has been my experience and is why I buy these trailers because you get what you pay for and they are custom built units.

    Some good/interesting/valid points and discussion above by members and good reason to evaluate your individual needs, wants and requirements.  You should also take some time, visit the Little Guy forum and get some input and feedback from people using and who have purchased the Max.
  • Re: Lithium iron phosphate 12v 100amp battery - anyone installed in a t@b?

    4ncar said:
    What little I know, is what the dealer says(tongue in cheek) & that the converter(on shore power) will charge a Li battery... I too had searched the sit and found only one post, sooty no reference.  Why hasn't anyone else gone this direction? 
    Most individuals are taking a " wait/see" attitude on the LI batteries as I am and obviously they are very expensive.  I doubt many of the dealers are too well versed on them at this point in time as many of these folks are selling multiple products and aren't as focused on new technology detail, nor do they have the time to research these things as most folks on the forum.  

    I would think that questions regarding charging abilities, capability, etc. would be something that the manufacturer of the batteries or electric converter would be better suited to answer.  You'd have to think that the people building the converters (e.g., WFCO, etc.) have to be testing and developing a more enhanced and robust unit to address the LI generation of batteries too.  Have any of you fired off an inquiry to WFCO, etc???  You can bet that this will be a game changer for the RV industry in the future and would bet the larger motor coach units are probably out there with a few installed right now.  
  • Re: Leveling

    I was up about 9K feet earlier this year in Colorado and the terrain dropped off sharply behind the trailer.  The only other thing behind the wheels was one of them concrete parking barricades which wouldn't have done much if the trailer rolled.  I not only took great pains in leveling the trailer, I installed my wheel chocks and found some decent sized rocks and wedged them behind the wheels.  As an added safety measure I also took the safety chains and hooked them to my Silverado.  

    My rear stabilizers were nearly fully extended and I needed to add cribbing under them to get the trailer level.  Needless to say the wind started to howl that night and we could feel the gusts hitting the side of the trailer and it was a bit scary thinking of the possibilities.  It didn't happen on that trip, but there have been times I'd wake up, thinking the trailer was rolling downhill.  And I know a lady who nearly lost her teardrop along the Blue Ridge Mountains after unhooking the safety chains, jacking the trailer up off the hitch and not properly chocking her wheels, then watching it take off downhill before lodging against a fallen tree.  

    Things can and do happen so evaluate the terrain, leave yourself an out and take whatever safety precautions you feel are necessary to protect yourself, others and your trailer.  
  • Re: Kitchen Faucet Replacement T@B 320 S

    Good stuff, excellent write-up and this is the type of write-up that will help others out down the road, especially with the helpful photos.  

    Well done!  
  • Re: Are you having problems unhooking the trailer hitch from the ball?

    dsfdogs said:
    Thanks @SAM you are right, I should be able to lock it. I had previously read about silicon spray so used that liberally and success! Thank you.
    I agree with tabaphile, rocking the trailer a bit back and forth with your tow vehicle will help seat the tongue properly and allow the locking latch to be pushed down completely.   These are critical issues as the latch must be engaged in the down position or you risk losing the trailer while in transit.  This is something most of us have encountered and this task will become easier with time, effort, knowledge and knowing exactly how the tongue deploys, seats and rests in the final position.  There is also a break-in period too for this mechanism and it does operate better with use, wear and while riding on the ball.  
    My biggest fears here for new owners is that people might lean toward using a hammer and pound the latch mechanism downward to get it to seat.   This is something you never want to do as over time you will deform and bend the locking ends and latch and could easily end up in a rollover situation if the trailer were to come off the ball traveling down the expressway, etc.  Familiarity with this task will make it easier and will allow you to travel safely and without the anxiety that these issues create.