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  • Re: Ecstatic new T@B owners

    Carrying a can of silicone spray is a must for me. Beats butter ( but that's a great idea in a pinch!) I've used it all sorts of places on and around my Tab, even a friends squeaky bike. I brought it to our walk through and the tech applied it liberally to the hitch, ball, and handle. 
  • Re: Fridge lesson

    @Ratkity my 2017 has a new latch set up vs the older pin style closures. I can close it all the way, or leave it partially opened with the latch. 

    @4ncar, so science experiments, huh? Gotta love bleach for the nasty stuff! Glad you caught it quickly vs the next season!
  • Re: New Tab S Owners in TX

    Welcome @GailandJohn, and congratulations! It does feel like waiting for Christmas when you almost have your T@b, only better. Sounds like you've got a good plan for your maiden voyage. Two things that have helped me a lot are to first, carry a small note pad and pen, stick it in a cupboard or somewhere it won't wander off, and everytime you think of something you wish you had brought, or done differently write it down. You will forget whatever it was by the time you get home, unhitch, and stowed away. Promise! Second good thing I learned here is to have an Amazon wish list going. When you see a good idea on the forum or FB put it on your wish list on Amazon. You don't have to ever order it, but you won't have to remember where you read it later on either! Also, a Prime account will save money if you do plan to order, at least your first year. I think mine paid for itself very quickly. Have fun on your new journey!
  • Re: Odor When Flushing Toilet

    @luvmytab, here is the Amazon link to Happy Campers product. I would think you can also get it locally, but I don't know for sure as I'm on my first jar. No, it is not the blue packets you got. It is a fine white odor free powder in a plastic jar with a scoop included. I like it's simplicity, and size for storage. No we don't have 40 gallon tanks, yes, they still recommend a full scoop according to the owner. I put one scoop town the toilet, a half scoop down the shower drain, and a half scoop down the sink drain, all followed with water so the tanks have a little something in them during transit, etc. I'm sold, and all odor free. Love the stuff! Good luck!
  • Re: No title just idle chit chat

    @ericnliz no I am! I just finished a late lunch, have to put Bug to bed then I can catch up with life. There was no cell service at Hunters except the texts I tried to send the family Friday and early Saturday sent after midnight last night. Three bars at 12:30am...go figure! (No alcohol involved in these bars, either!)

    Boy...leave you, @Verna, and @Ratkity alone for a few days and you get all chatty on me!