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  • Re: Idle-off-topic-chit chat - Part 2

    Ahhhhh.....another RV show done! One thing I noticed this year is how high up many of the bottom steps are! Geesh! The bottom step on the MinnieDrop I poked my head in came to right below my knees! I’m not taking up pole vaulting to get in and out any trailer! Saw both the 400 and the LG Max. The Max had more floor space and moving around room and more functional dinette, the bath in the 400 is amazing, and great storage. I decided I am still beyond happy with L@dybug, my 320MaxS, and the friends I’ve met because of her!
  • Re: No microwave???

    @AnnM, Mrs. @Dalehelman likes her creature comforts and has quite the set up, including ice maker, microwave and toaster oven. Happened by their campsite once when she was pulling chocolate chip cookies hot out of the little oven! It was cold and pouring buckets of rain, but under their awning it was delightful! I almost never dry camp, usually always hooked up to shore power. I bought an ice maker for DH, who loves ice in his pop and I might just love it more than he does! You figure out how you camp, then figure out how to make it happen! Have fun with it all!

    PS- I still use my propane Coleman camp stove for cooking and heating water for tea and washing dishes. I am usually out for 3-4 days, so I cut up a lot of my veges, etc ahead of the trip and just cook them on up when I'm there.

  • Re: LAGUN Table

    Also makes a great bedside table! 
  • Re: LAGUN Table

    I love the versatility of the Lagun system, but changed out the top. I wanted wood, smaller than the original and I didn’t have the energy to create one from scratch. I love my new top! Great price ($20 cutting board at WM), great size(2 can eat on it).
  • Re: What tools do you take along?

    A soft side bag to store it all in (soft scrunches when you need space for something else vs a hard case). What I've used regularly I've starred for you.*Silicone spray, *bubble levels, both *phillips and *flathead screw drivers, *cordless drill, *bit set including square head drill bits (most of the T@b screws are square head), *adjustable pliers (comes in handy when my hands don't have the strength to untighten things I've tightened previously), *10" ball bungee's (invaluable purchase, comes in handy when you least expect it! I've got three sets...), rubber mallet, hammer, small collapsible shovel, duct tape, *black electrical tape, scotch tape, *rope, 25' measuring tape, *small case cutter tool, tire pressure guage, circuit tester. I also carry my blow out valve for winterizing, more rope, variety of mosquito repellent, gorilla glue. First aid kit stays, but I've only used one band aid this season. Small sewing kit, which I've used for some mods here and there. Flashlight, head lamp, Luci solar lights. Hope this helps!