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  • Re: 30 pound propane tank

    Like @Tabaz I can't believe how efficient my T@B is on propane.  I live in mine full time and use my stove constantly and daily for cooking and for coffee, tea and heating water for dishes. After my first three months I was panicked I was going to run out all the time (no coffee = worst fate in the world! :o ) but it turns out somehow I had only gone through half the standard 20lb tank! Going on seven months, I've only filled it once.

    That being said, I haven't used propane for heating (no real need as I move about with the climate) and I have a shower house available most places so I haven't used the Alde much for heating water.

    But I can certainly see how you might need it if camping in colder weather or using the shower a lot!  Again, I'd go with Tabaz and suggest a trip or two to gauge your usage before investing in the upgrade.  Outside of the cost, I'd probably say the only thing to watch is your tongue weight with an extra tank, larger batteries and storage on the tongue.  But if all that is not an issue... definitely let us know how it works out! Always so cool to see the solutions people come up with.
  • Re: External Grey Water Holding Tank Has Me Stumped!

    Talk about exceeding expectations!  I am very happy to report that little transfer pump from Harbor Freight is amazing!

    I was surprised at how small and lightweight it was.  It even came with an intake hose, although I did have to purchase an adapter so I had two female ends of the hose (to connect to my grey water outlet and then to the transfer pump).  A second inexpensive hose from Home Depot rounded out the purchases (from the pump to the external waste tank).

    The directions on the pump were very clear (nice arrow pointing the direction of water flow helped).  It was extremely easy to connect the jumper cable-like connectors to my battery.  Even better was the inline on/off switch that enabled me to hook it up and ensure everything looked proper before turning it on.

    The pump had many warnings about not letting it run dry, so I opened the "gate" to my grey water tank and allowed the water to run down to the pump before turning on.  A flick of the switch and it started to hum along. I couldn't believe how quiet it was! I got extremely good flow out of the outtake hose, although I suppose it was only a 16" rise.

    Best part?  It was incredibly fast.  My grey tank (19 gallons) was 71% full.  Luckily, my cap is clear so I could see when it was running out without having to jump inside to check the SeeLevel (again, just worried the pump would run dry).  I would say it pumped that water out in less than two minutes!

    It was very easy to unhook it and small enough to pack away and not take up much space.  This thing is amazing!  For those looking for a pump to help fill up fresh water tanks, this would be ideal!

    I purchased the pump for $39.99.  Harbor Freight often has 20% off coupons, too.
  • Re: Giving people a hard time because they want a microwave or tv antena

    I also think T@Bs are so versatile that people don't realise that we use them for so many things other than going on holiday (vacation).

    Like several others, I live and work in my T@B (and I'm not retired!) and hey... I'd love a microwave to heat up meals and save on food costs.  Now I just need space... hahahah!  =) 
  • Re: Upper cupboard spring loaded hinge replacement to keep doors in open position

    Just chiming in to say that I broke the strut on one of my upper cabinets (2018 T@B 320 S), and spent the better part of the last three weeks swearing at it and wondering if I should call Elsie for a replacement.  I don't blame nuCamp, I probably open that cabinet 6 or 8 times a day, every day for the last few months.

    I stumbled across this thread and clicked the Amazon link (  A set of hinges is only $8.  I know my T@B is a different model year but I thought - what the heck, and just ordered them to see if they would work. Ordered on Sunday, they arrived today.

    Less than 5 minutes later I had a complete drop-in replacement set of hinges that work great!  I even used the same screws that the old hinges came with.  I did absolutely nothing except unscrew the old ones, and pop in the new ones that lined up exactly.  What an absolute great find, I'm so happy!

    And yes, the new hinges will hold the cabinet up higher than the struts, but it still doesn't hit the ceiling.  New hinges on the left, stock/standard cabinet with the strut on the right.

  • Re: External Grey Water Holding Tank Has Me Stumped!

    Well, Horrible Freight, er... Harbor Freight to the rescue again I think!  Thanks for the transfer pump idea @atlasb.  I found a 12v Transfer pump for $39.95 at Harbor Freight I think I'll purchase!  Although drill pumps look great, I'd have to get the drill and the pump and I think the below is a reasonable cost investment, considering! With the cap on my grey water outlet that accepts a regular hose that I already have, with this and an extra length of hose I think I'd have a good solution.  Now to find one of those coupons for Harbor Freight too!   B)

    Thanks again everyone for taking the time to respond giving me great ideas, and great things to try.  I am not sure I'll ever make a T@B gathering while I'm in the USA, but I should start tracking the number of people I owe a beer (or tasty beverage of their choice!) in case I ever do!  =)