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  • Re: Fresh Water Tank Mysteriously Filling When Connected to City Water

    The good news is the water pump filter is very easy to remove, even if a bit awkward.  I'm glad I had put a bowl under it to catch any water as is slipped out of my hands at first!  :o

    The filter was (surprisingly!) clear and clean.  It was also easy to reconnect.

    I've cycled the water pump a few times and even just started using the fresh tank solely (to use up the water filling my tank) but when I reconnected everything... the fresh water tank still continues to fill.

    Looks like the check valve in the Shurflo pump is bad. I've gone ahead and submitted a warranty claim on nuCamp's site.  Ah well.  The pump seems to get really good reviews.  I guess I just got a rare dud.
  • Re: Towing Insurance et al. Coach Net ? AAA+RV?

    I have State Farm for my car (I have everything registered out of Pennsylvania) and when I asked if they'd cover my T@B, they said they didn't provide separate coverage in Pennsylvania, that it's lumped in with my car insurance and there's nothing extra to add.  I didn't care for this, as a full-timer, and wanted extra options so I went to find stand alone coverage.

    I initially really wanted to go with Good Sam, as I know they understand the needs of RVers.  I was surprised that the quote came back really high.  I also on a whim filled out a quote with Progressive - who actually did have an option to say I was full-timing!  My quote came back with better coverage at almost half the rate of Good Sam so I went with that.

    Of course, your state and lots of other information will dictate your rate.  But I was surprised that Progressive was really comprehensive and had a lot of pick and choose options when it came to RVs and I was able to really personalise my quote/coverage.  This at least made me feel as if it wasn't a throw away option but something they invested in and backed.  I did everything via the internet and was able to get a full quote and I even purchased it that way (I spoke to a live person only once after I picked up my T@B just to updated the VIN and they were very nice).  Luckily, I can't speak to how they manage claims, but I hope it's good! 
  • What accessory/item do you regret buying?

    Like so many others, I have found this forum invaluable because it helped me narrow down items I've needed for my T@B and saved me a lot of expense in trial and error to find the right thing to fit/work/be useful.

    But every now and then you come up with a miss.  What have YOU bought for your T@B that you thought would be fantastic/very much needed that ended up not being that at all?  :)

    I'll start off... because I full-time, I cook in my T@B (320 S) 99% of the time.  I found fantastic ratings and recommendations on another caravan site for a premium stacking set of pots and pans - the Magma Gourmet Nesting 7-Piece set, which sells for around $160.00.  I promptly bought it.

    The verdict?  Well, it fits nicely in the lower cabinet in the kitchen but honestly, I dread hauling it out and taking it apart (not to mention the space everything takes up when separated!) just to get the pot I need. Everything is very big, heavy, and awkward. Even typing this seems silly... these are nice quality pans!... but when you need to do it, you'd be surprised at the annoyance! The quality is fantastic, and the non-stick ideal for boondocking but... I laugh at this, but I find myself reaching for my $3.49 frying pan from Ikea that I had bought on a whim 9 times out of 10! I even heated up soup tonight in the frying pan instead of hauling out the very nice, very expensive pot!  :o

    Many might disagree but I wish I'd saved the money.  I think I may find myself ditching the Magma set in the near future...

    So what have YOU bought, large or small, that you wish you hadn't??
  • Re: questions about running fridge off solar

    A good thing to note is that nothing runs off of solar - solar just replaces the energy in your battery.  So the fridge is pulling energy from your battery, and the solar is just replacing the energy into that battery.

    That's why having a "bigger" battery (and by bigger, I mean more AH or amp hours) is really beneficial.  This can help store more energy to use over night or when you have very overcast or rainy days when your solar isn't pulling in much to replenish your battery or batteries.

    Your dealer (if you bought new) would have installed the battery (nuCamp does not supply the battery), and they can vary depending on what that dealer installs.  Like the others said above, if they gave you a pretty good deep cycle battery, 100w of solar and the batter should (depending on conditions!) enable you to use the fridge without plugging in!
  • Re: RV Lock Keyless for RV's is great!

    I installed the model vi3 back in July.  The model vi3 is considerably cheaper, works remotely, and still comes with the same fob.  The only difference is that the vi3 has a separate numerical keypad, which I didn't bother to install.  Since it came with two keyfobs (and I travel solo) I figured I didn't need the integrated keypad. I can see how this might be really useful if you traveled with more than one person, though!

    Like Verna said, it was really, really easy to install.  I'd say about 5 minutes or so and it was done without any problems.  They really do have some fantastic sales around each holiday, so I'd suggest waiting to buy until one of these.

    My one issue is an odd single random beep from time to time as it locks and unlocks (which isn't the "low battery" beep).  I emailed support and got a very weird answer back from a hotmail account.  I'm attempting to get the sound on video and send a reply and see what they say.

    Oh, and yes, it *definitely* makes a sound when locking and unlocking so you know it is complete.  At first I thought it was too loud, but I've grown used to it.  Also, a little blue led light lights up on the fob when locking/unlocking.