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  • First Long Trip - Michigan

    Recently returned home from our first extended trip, ten nights at five different Michigan state parks.  Overall, a great trip – good weather, very nice facilities, and virtually no issues with our new T@B.  Our camping mode is generally not spending much daylight time at the campsite, rather using it as a base to explore surrounding areas.  I will say that we were very impressed with the quality of all of the park campgrounds we visited.

    Our first day we drove six hours to Sleepy Hollow S.P., a little northwest of Lansing.  This was just a sleepover stop, and we didn’t bother unhooking.  It was a Sunday night, and very few sites were occupied.

    Monday we drove to Wilderness S.P., just west of Mackinaw City.  We stayed two nights on a fabulous site that backed up to Lake Michigan.   

    We checked out Mackinaw City Monday and spent Tuesday on ferry rides and visiting Mackinac Island.  Very cool place – no motor vehicles allowed, just bicycles and horses!

    On Wednesday we drove south along the west coast of Michigan to Petosky S.P.  Another great wooded campsite about a two-minute walk from a very interesting rocky/sandy beach.  Hardly anyone else there when we arrived, so we were surprised to see another T@B across from us when we returned from a trip into town.  I had no sooner finished a brief chat with the owner (Dave from Michigan?) than another T@B (couple from Minnesota) pulled in a few sites away.  Had to get a picture:

    Our next-door neighbors asked us if there was a convention going on!

    We drove to Traverse City on Friday for two nights in the Traverse City S.P. campground.  It was packed, due at least in part to the 90-degree weather.  Spent our time visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and lots of wineries.

    Finished out the trip with a one-night stay at Ludington S.P. (fantastic beach) and two nights at Holland S.P.  We loved our stay at Holland.  Had a great, large, heavily-wooded site (see pic below) and virtually no one else nearby.

    We learned a few lessons on the trip:  (i) If using heat, you need to be mindful of not covering vents when the bed is made up; (ii) we switched the Norcold to battery when traveling and it didn’t seem to keep things cold – usually had water on the bottom of the fridge after arriving; (iii) gas mileage plummets during long periods over 65 mph; (iv) (AND MOST IMPORTANT) we love our T@B and camping in it!  Thinking about where we might go for another trip before winter.

  • Re: Ohio Newbie

    @Michigan_Mike, thanks for your campground tips (and congrats on your recent nuptials!).  MI trip is now firmed up.  Leave Columbus area Sunday and stay at Sleepy Hollow S.P.  Monday and Tuesday nights at Wilderness, Wed. and Thursday at Petosky, and the weekend at Travis City S.P.  Still a little undecided after that, but probably overnights at Ludington and Holland and then back home.  Pictures upon return.

    @Homebodyatheart, I like "hiding place" idea.  Need to run the cable out there!
  • Re: Ohio Newbie

    OK, picked up my T@B and it's now sitting next to my driveway.  After checking costs to store it somewhere, Kathy (my wife) and I decided that we should put a parking pad next to my driveway.  No takers from the three contractors I contacted, so we decided to do it ourselves.  I'm sore!  Getting too old for these projects.

    We slept in the T@B last night, with rain and thunderstorms from midnight til 6 a.m.  Good test and everything seems OK.  Will head out to a nearby state park for a night or two Thursday or Friday,

    @T@Balong - Thanks for the great campsite tips!  MI trip will be later this month.

    Homebodyatheart - it happened!  Here's the proof:

  • Re: Ohio Newbie

    Thanks to all for the kind, welcoming words!

    @jkjenn - Silver on silver
    @T@Balong - MI itinerary is still a bit squishy.  Definitely want to visit Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Any ideas for campgrounds or must-visit wineries appreciated.
    @Homebodyatheart - will add pictures after T@B pick-up at dealer on Tuesday.
  • Ohio Newbie

    Will pick up our 2018 T@B 320 Max S on Tuesday.  Wife (Kathy) and I are long-time tent campers.  We both retired last December, and decided that, although we still liked camping, we weren't that crazy about sleeping on the ground and walking to toilets in the middle of the night.  We've long thought that "Teardrops" were cool, but the lack of toilet/indoor kitchen made one a non-starter for us.  In June we were tent camping and had a gentleman in an Airstream Sport 16 parked next to us.  He gave us a tour and we were intrigued.  Last week we decided to take a closer look at the local Airstream dealer (Columbus, OH).  While there, the salesman actually seemed more interested in connecting us with the T@B we ultimately bought (little more reasonably priced, too!).

    Between our dealer visit on Monday and the reservation deposit on Tuesday, I spent several hours on this forum and got very comfortable with the T@B. Really appreciate all of the insight from the members!  I've got my dealer pick-up checklist printed out and will be ordering the getting-started necessities from Amazon tomorrow based on forum ideas.

    Owning the T@B seems to involve learning a lot, but we are psyched to get going.  After a local shake-down trip, we're planning a week or so in Michigan in September.