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  • Different descriptions for being unable to unhitch from your T@B. Here's a how-to YouTube video compliments of @TabberJon and his research: The manual jack is easy to turn. An electric jack would not alleviate a stuck coupler. Watch this video for …
  • I didn’t realize how simple my life is since I don’t drink coffee
    in Kuerig Comment by Verna January 19
  • Please, @Beachlife2016 and @DavidLM per the forum Rules, all negotiations are to be conducted off of the open forum, but on Personal Message or Email.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Verna T@B Admin
  • Ask @Ratkity about her Colorado, and/or search for Colorado. 
  • @Marceline, yes, I am still happy with it. I have a new recipe for a healthy snack I want to try in the next few days. 
  • It is one of Brookings’ comments. 
  • @dsatwork, this comment was moved to here because it pertains to the Outback, not the Kia Sorento. 
  • Here’s a hint from the Cirrus Truck Camper FB Page on how one owner deals with the fold down sink: “Tip the sink back and forth several times to allow as much to drain as possible, then swipe the bowl with an absorbent cloth like xxxxx suggested. I…
  • Thank you @GibW, for your candid review. Your post should satisfy all of the questions that have been asked lately about Outback vehicle. 
  • Battery Charge Chart ---------- ADMIN NOTES Description: Handy chart that relates battery voltage to percent state of charge. Note that 12.1V is a 50% state of charge. Allowing your battery to deplete below this point can cause permanent damage.  …
  • Elsie has a helper and they share extension 304. 
  • The only thing I would caution is, as you suggested, yes, it will void your frame warranty, as I think the newer warranties prohibit any holes to be drilled into the frame.  While I’m certainly not an engineer, I just wonder if this could also affec…
  • AtlasB, Amazon carries it. There is a post here where I put the photo and the exact name. And, Elsie in parts does have it also, the same as is on Amazon. 
  • Dutchman (DM) T@B Fuse between the battery and converter The DM T@B's do not have a fuse right at the battery like the nüCamp T@B's. This "shortstop" 30Amp fuse is screwed into the tongue. Trace the red (positive) lead from the battery and you …
  • Surge Brakes -- troubleshooting tips http://www.centrevilletrailer.com/how-to/surge-brake-troubleshooting-tips/
  • @Travels_with_delaney, normally you can schedule repairs with nüCamp. If you spoke to the Repair Department, maybe they didn’t understand, or maybe they have changed their policy. If you didn’t speak with the repair department, please call again. …
  • Sorry, no, this is for T@B 320 NON-Outback/NON-Boondock. 
  • @LilB, you have a Dutchman T@B, as opposed to the newer nüCamp T@B’s.  We’ll have to wait for a Dutchman T@B owner to chime in to give you the info.  And Welcome. 
  • I will have a T@B tent, never used, never removed from and still in the original drawstring bag, gray/red, $500. I will have it at T@Bazona.
  • Sunny Day, 12 lb Shih Tzu, goes where I go, except for shopping and eating. She is well behaved, knows the T@B is her home, and she accepts it. She sleeps on her blanket while I’m gone. She only barks when she hears my truck or my voice when I get b…
  • I have been using a 6 gallon Blue Boy, without wheels, this summer for gray water. I just strapped it to a Harbor Freight hard plastic moving dolly then added a spare dog leash to the dolly to take it to the dump. It worked very well, and is close t…
  • @Ratkity, I was at Monahans Sandhills SP in TX with the sands moving daily. It was an unexpected windstorm (to me, I must have missed the forecast) and I have a foot, not a wheel on my tongue jack. No way was that T@B moving in that drifted sand nor…
    in Leveling Comment by Verna December 2017
  • @ScottG, nope. Just the thought of a T@B rolling away makes me think of my driveway with approxinately 12” drop from the house to the street. No way am I going to put a wheel on my T@B tongue jack! I was so rudely awakened last week by a 20 mph win…
    in Leveling Comment by Verna December 2017
  • Hey, @ericnliz, I made it all the way to Western Texas on this trip without having to put the stabilizers down. If it just overnight, I don’t bother....until the 20 mph winds hit me broadside!  I went two more nights without having to unhitch to lev…
    in Leveling Comment by Verna December 2017
  • Yup, I rarely go over 65 and prefer to stay around 60 for the gas mileage improvement. 
  • I have been extremely satisfied with the Rhino hose. I can extend to the length I want and it stays that length. It scrunches easily back to its storage size. I don’t abuse it, putting it immediately back into it’s tube for storage.  Should the end…
  • I carry a spare tank in the rear of my truck, because I travel for weeks and months at a time.  As SAM noted the tanks only run out at night between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am.  If it’s 4am, just pull an extra blanket on and wait for dawn because i…
  • High’s in the mid 70’s, lows in the mid 40’s at the opposite end of the state, @larrygon
  • @Ratkity, I was told that hot water is in a “state” of change between solid and steam and that is why it can change so quickly. I do remember some information from high school!
  • @4ncar, if you check some of the factory tour photos, you’ll see the water pipes at the front of the T@B are next to the outside wall, as are the water pipes under the shower area. With them being so close to the walls and the cold floor, they can f…