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  • Cheryl, Give Princess Craft, in Round Rock, TX a call.  Not that far from Dallas.  They sell nothing but small trailers and campers. That's where we purchased our 400, and if they have not changed their policy, all their 400's are ordered with solar…
  • I may be wrong, but I think Mandy just adds enough Vodka to prime the faucets lines, shower and sink traps. If you add more, think of the fun you and your friends will have in the spring.
  • MuttonChops, I sent detailed steps for including maps on Jan 25.  Try putting adding maps in the forum search bar, then go back to the first page.  You are not able to add an image of the map in your signature.  You need to copy the map site URL and…
  • Newbie, Can't help you with disposal this year, but check out Mandy Lea's unconventional way to winterize drinking water for next year.  After the winter season you can invite your friends and have a party.
  • Austin is a very dog friendly city if you get into the city.  With your pup, we recommend a walk around Town Lake and lunch at Shady Grove on Barton Springs Rd.  There is a large off-leash park along the lake near The Long Center for the Performing …
  • I was trying to figure out what kind of storage bins might fit in that outside door that opens to storage under the bed.  My solution was to purchase two plastic window planters that I found at Lowes garden dept.  They carry ones that are 23in. and …
  • For any of us who might be struggling with technology...I added my map on a home computer. Don't know how I would do it on our IBook. The map site Judi recommends works fine.  No need to find another site. https://visitedstatesmap.com/ I would add a…
  • Judi, after you add the map to your signature bar, you can resize it using the corner brackets.
  • Thanks John and Judi.  Found the site and I think that I have added it correctly.  First I added our states, then asked site to draw a medium size map. Next copy the URL and open the signature section in your profile.  Paste copied URL. I was able …
  • Tbone, Great name and great looking logo.
  • We are waiting for our T@B 400 to arrive in December.  Since we live in Austin, TX we decided the name for our new arrival will be Willie after our beloved Austin musician, Willie Nelson. For anyone interested, we just received a nice 12x18in decal …
  • Thanks guys, These simple ideas look really good and will save us from buying a tongue box.  Sounds as though the 400 has as much storage as needed.  Good news for us. 
  • Steve and Karen, Thanks for taking time to share all this info about 400 storage.  The waste basket inside the propane box is a great idea.  Our six month wait is now down to two and we are getting very excited.  Beginning to think seriously about …
  • Thanks so much to all for your replies.  And, special thanks to WanderinginWonder for taking time to measure.  At this time we have no accurate deliver date, just know that we should get our 400 in December.  Then it's off to try our legs on a maide…