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  • What ever happened to LuAnn?          
  • ChanW said: We've placed a small tray directly underneath the cooling fins in our 3-way, and dump it every week or so. It's actually the top from one of those clear plastic egg cartons. It works perfectly for catching the drips, but I do need t…
  • Since you've gone through one broken frame, do you worry you might break another with this type of travel?
  • dragonsdofly, I'm pretty sure I read that in all the paperwork that I got with the T@B.  I'm going to see if I can find it.  Yea, my memory is pretty fuzzy too.
  • Of course I can't find it now but I thought I read somewhere that nuCamp advised not using a sway bar.  Or, maybe my dealer told me that.  Does that sound familiar to anyone else?
  • ScottG. Thanks for the kind words. I think the solution here is for nuCamp to find qualified dealers that can not only sell of beloved T@Bs but also fix them on the rare occasions when work becomes necessary.   
  • and, I think nuCamp would agree....
  • Great idea ericnliz with the west coast thing, maybe east coast too.   I live in central NY and I am heading to Sugar Creek this May to get my roof trim fixed.  Let's just say my dealer didn't do such a great job fixing mine.  My T@B was kind of a m…
  • I wouldn't touch any of that.  This is a 2017 and I would insist the factory fix it.  Once you cob it up, you own it....
  • I'll bet you could fit the dogs in here some place...
  • I'm not sure about the 400, we have the 320 but here is a link to what we did. https://tab-rv.vanillaforums.com/discussion/5584/inexpensive-bike-rack#latest
  • We carry two full size mountain bikes on a home made rack on the tongue. 
  • The crack in mine turned into a break and the end of the moulding disappeared . I agree with chanW, with the great workmanship everywhere else, it's a mystery to me why this needs to be such a cob job. 
  • I'll have to look into Valley of the Gods, I hadn't heard of that one. Thanks.
  • jkjenn, what an awesome website, thank you.....
  •      I made this bike rack to go on the tongue of our T@B  and it works great but when we're not towing and just out for a bike ride I put it inside the truck box of my Chevy pickup right under the cap.  It's so stable, I don't even have to tie it d…
  • What did you use to cut it.  Hack saw, saws all, porta band? You also would have to drill new holes for the pins too right? suewernersbach said: Has anyone cut the jack tube? Yes 2” easy peasy 
    in Jack wheel Comment by newell March 8
  • I was thinking about drilling some drainage/venting holes in my tube also. It just seems like a good idea to me.
  • ericnliz said: Helps with getting tree sap off too. Just added protection, and would rather take the time to add than not. ericnliz are right about the tree sap.  We waxed our T@B shortly after we picked it up and we were very glad we di…
    in Waxing Comment by newell March 6
  • You'll be surprised how much more room you have in your patio area too.  Attaching to the keder rail in my opinion is a nice idea but not practical. 
  • To Fergie,      I've learned the hard way with AT&T that you can deal with them online, go through a retail store that is "licensed" to sell their products such as Walmart or even some of their so called AT&T stores and then there are the "c…
  • Fergie,  Thanks your very thorough review.  I did end up purchasing the AT&T Hot Spot and as I do the go phone pay as you go plan for my iPhone,  I just got 2 additional gigs to get the feel of the hotspot with our two laptops.  We will be leavi…
  • Ratkity said: Not dropping the battery on my phone as a hot spot is important. All hot spots still need a decent signal to work well. It's a whole lot better in commercial campgrounds that say they have WiFi, but everyone and their brother are …
  • Try this link, this is how I did mine. http://tab-rv.vanillaforums.com/discussion/5290/mounting-a-tubular-sewer-pipe-holder
  •      That looks really nice and the price is nice too.  I'm a little unsure of the size though being a kitchen faucet.  I've been looking at the Scandvic marine galley faucets like the ones above that are down sized a little for a boat galley.  I wi…
  •      I went to the Scandvik site to see what else is out there.  Some need a 1" cutout, others need 1 3/8".  Anyone know the cutout with the factory installed faucet? 
  •      Here is a screen shot of the one I was talking about on MandyLea's video. Hope that's okay MandyLea. Upon reflection, Susan says she would prefer a single handle but would like the spout to turn. Any thoughts?   
  • gophergrad said: I will probably pay to upgrade to the 3 way fridge on my CS-S.  Do you think my dealer can do the single termination outlet? A word of caution.  Before you spend money to up grade to the 3-way fridge, read some of the th…
  • It looks from your photo that a bead of good quality silicone caulk with a color match as close to your finish as possible would minimize the moisture intrusion from the wear on your finish.  If you're not experienced with caulking, especially silic…
  • SGH0004, Where was the Cabelas?  We have been to the one in Gainesville, VA. but not on one of our trips so I don't know what kind of arrangement they have.  In New York, we are required to have trailers inspected every year and our T@B is due just …