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  • Welcome to the Tab family! The 320S is a fabulous improvement over tent and air mattress days. To answer your first question, Camco makes a short hose insert with ballcock to add water to your tank. There’s an art to getting some air around the tube…
  • @Michigan_Mike, yeah...but @ericnliz shoveling lessons consist of his sitting in his chair directing you in the proper way...and he has a long driveway to boot! (OK Eric, maybe I stretched your lesson plans a bit, but I could just imagine it...)
  • @Michigan_Mike this isn’t exactly what you mentioned, but it also comes in a metal(aluminium?) slat top model. I love mine, It’s fairly sturdy, I’ve cooked on it, it also seats 2 comfortably for meals.
  • @Seanmurry I really liked the looks and amenities of the 400 until I saw one yesterday at the RV show. Personally, for me it felt cramped with a lot of unusable space compared to my 320S. As amazing as the 400 bathroom is, how much camping time do I…
  • What part of the country is it located in? 
  • Ahhhhh.....another RV show done! One thing I noticed this year is how high up many of the bottom steps are! Geesh! The bottom step on the MinnieDrop I poked my head in came to right below my knees! I’m not taking up pole vaulting to get in and out a…
  • I’m at the RV show now and spent time in the 400. To me it feels cramped. Yes, the bathroom is very nice. I can seat four adults comfortably in my 320s. No way in the 400. Good to check it out, but I’m still madly in love with my 320S!
  • @Ratkity either of those games are better than dodgeball! Mom was my Scout leader for many years, lots of fun times and memories! And...I learned my camping skills well! I think they called those foil meal packets hobo stew. Memmmmm’ries! 
  • @Jellybones11 you’d better not let @ericnliz hear that. He always asks me(after I ask for advice) “ have you read the manual?” The answer is usually no, although occasionally I research it well and read the manual before calling. I’m a visual learne…
  • @Ratkity as a kid did you like to play the game “Button, button-Who’s got the button? Just checking... @ScottG not exactly, but if I saw that as a kid I’d be scarred for life, and probably do my business behind some bush or tree from there on out…
  • @ericnliz... and she always will! What a nice gift!
  • @gooddogs74 because the alde heat is radient is it just plain slow, but once it heats the inside up it is delightful! I have it plugged in at home with a pigtail converter, 30 to 110 I think, and have no problems. I'm also very careful to plug thing…
  • @dsatwork, I've had the same luck with streetlights. Forgot all about it till just now. Because all this electrical calculation stuff goes way over my head I'll concentrate on the draws. By your title I was thinking that you've got another drain, ot…
  • Hey @larrygon, let us know how it works for you...I'm good with my 320, but thanks anyway!
  • @ericnliz my step-mom, Rebecca, called it Under the Bridge Coffee, and she added an egg shell to keep the grounds towards the bottom. Guess we're all spoiled, aren't we?! 
  • @GailandJohn under the Products and Accessories section is the post Baking With The Q (ScottG posted a link above). He had this down to a fine art, and left us with instructions and great ideas for a variety of uses. I might get a grill this year an…
  • @ericnliz thanks for this info! We will be there, wouldn't miss it for the world!
  • Luckily for Subaru fans they are coming out this year with the Ascent, a 6cyl Subaru with up to 5000 pound tow capacity. We traded in our Outback for a higher rated tv, but I am very interested in the new Ascent! 
  • @SAM, people say that when you buy a Tab you are part of the Tab family. We sure feel that way and wouldn’t have it any other way! We also have formed friendships with other Tabbers we’ve never met face to face through this forum. It’s pretty amazin…
  • Wow @ericnliz! That’s great! I had an uncle with a corneal transplant. One eye was brown, one was blue but he could see out of both of them!
  • @AnnM  I’d be willing to bet they were the packaged dough, just open and bake. Either way, they were good! It’s always fun to see what others do with their Tab, and how the accessorize their sites! 
  • @dsfdogs it’s hard to remember what I used, but it may have involved coconut oil and/or blue Dawn dish soap. Or silicone spray and Dawn. Those would be my go-to’s. Congratulations on getting it off!
  • @ericnliz, you’re more than welcome! And thank you for my very special gently loved T@b sweatshirt! Liz has great taste! I’m glad she made you special order the purple laceup tie, too! I’ll probably cry when I wear it, but I also feel her love, too! 
  • Oh @ericnliz! I thought you knew me better than that! I have the power cord plugged in, moved the phone into position with my foot, used my big toe to snap the pic, then hauled the phone back up by the power cord. So, now that I’ve divulged yet anot…
  • @dsatwork here is the underside (camera was on the floor pointed up) This is how I offset it to look good from above. Have fun with whatever you do!
  • @norwood it’s my understanding that the alde heater runs on glycol. That’s a whole separate tank and system from your water heater tank and water pump with switch for hot water. I have run the alde on both propane and shore power with no problems. J…
  • Time to resurrect the chatter post. SOME of us have been way too quiet! Mr Homebody turned the alde on for me so I could hide out this afternoon. I love my hideaway!
  • @Jdcouple L@dybug is all winterized (blow out method, antifreeze in traps and waste tanks only) and tucked away in her shed for winter. Actually, I've got the Alde heating right now as I plan to spend the afternoon in hibernation there. I do this pr…
  • I keep a one cup Melita drip cone and filters on hand. You can get similar cones with a fine mesh which eliminates the paper filters. You can also get a nice french press in various sizes.
  • @AnnM, Mrs. @Dalehelman likes her creature comforts and has quite the set up, including ice maker, microwave and toaster oven. Happened by their campsite once when she was pulling chocolate chip cookies hot out of the little oven! It was cold and po…