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  • Hello @Poochey and welcome to the forum! While waiting for knowledgeable responses, you might search on Dutchman (upper right search field). There are several threads, including  enthusiasm and concerns for the older teardrops.
  • Is that Adventure Puppy glad to see you’re home, or mini Adventure puppy ready to go again at the slightest sign from you? You two sure know how to make the most of your limited time. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
  • If you read the instructions in the For Sale Category, you’ll see you need to provide the asking price, the general location of the trailer and it’s best to include interior and exterior photos. You might also provide the best way to contact you. Go…
  • So sorry: Found in the Teardrop Groups and Links Category in the left hand column for future reference. At least I think this is the correct link.
  • Here’s the url for a Yahoo! Teardrop group we’ve been told have members with Dutchman Tabs. The construction of the pre-2010 Tabs was significantly different. I know we have forum members here with DM Tabs, maybe someone will pipe up.
  • Here’s the url for a Yahoo! Teardrop group we’ve been told have members with Dutchman Tabs if you have the patience to seek assistance on another forum in the midst of this problem. The construction of the pre-2010 Tabs was significantly different. …
  • @MuttonChops  Thanks for doing all of this homework!
  • @tar81 I’m sorry about the Subaru, but gotta say, your Tag + Jeep combo has such a higher cool quotient. No offense Sub owners, please, no hate mail. We loved our Impreza for goodness sake!
  • Well @Dalehelman, You’ve earned every one of your 949 points with your mods, tutorials and patient explanations. You’re welcome. Now if some artistic member would just create merit badges for T@BBERS, you’d qualify for several, starting with Plumbin…
  • @ColleenD2 If you haven’t already done so, give a look at the for sale T@Bs as some note the extras their trailers include.
  • You can choose not to have any televisions, add a microwave, delete the air conditioner, add roof mounted solar panels, a pitched axle like the Boondock and bigger wheels for traveling over rougher roads-that raises the kitchen higher though. 
  • Wheel lock and or hitch lock, levelers of some kind, like Brahma or Andersen.
  • @Homebodyatheart  I wish. Although I’d opt for donuts I think.
  • Currently, a member accrues a point for every reaction another member gives a post, except maybe flag, not sure what that does. was that even your question?
  • Nice, @pthomas745! Now feel compelled to ask @jdargis and @Bgkirk how their winter excursions went this year? Safe plumbing? Heat? Hot showers? And even though @Hvtymwiltravel has a 400, would be great to hear from them too.
    in frozen tab Comment by Twojgrams April 11
  • @MuttonChops Is it possible for you to post a photo of these seals/labels?
  • In the interest of promoting good communication, I’m bumping this thread for all the new members!   Additionally, there’s an Introductions Category. Please feel free to say Hey and post something about yourself there. And, it’s best to post a quest…
  • Aaaawwww! Such wonderful buddies!
  • What’s the best way to check the pump hose connections? And I wonder how the elbow leak at the fresh water outlet was revealed? Acknowledging there can be minor to major “froze” damage. 
  • Do I remember correctly-is that green light really just a green colored “eye” that looks lit when the flame ignites behind it or was that a different model (or universe)?
  • Thanks @RollingBnB,  I can’t keep the model distinctions in my head. Another reason to pay attention to the model and year, indeed month of manufacture. Does it still help to light the stove first?
  • 1st: is the propane turned on? 2nd: is the trailer level? 3rd: Try Lighting a stove burner on before attempting to light the fridge  4th: I push the button in, hear the clicking but don’t release the button until we hear the whoosh of the gas ignite…
  • How did I know this thread would end up in the toilet? Maybe the OP? I can see Verna charging up her wand as we speak.
  • Don’t see the age or model of your trailer. If I recall correctly, we had a member with a crack in that reservoir. Can you turn it up and watch while it heats up? Of course, it won’t boil if you’re watching. And there was a cracked hose fitting resu…
  • We use separate hoses, different colors and stored separately but that’s with our Outback (Boondock). Now if I can only remember which color is which. Hmmmm. Sometimes the dump station has a non potable hose with decent thread, don’t know if that wo…
  • I see messages on the wall, or “activity “ section or “bulletin board” meant for specific members. Please read this so you can be sure the addressees actually see your messages-thanks.
  • @jillotto1 May I ask why you want to replace your base? Is it broken? Our 2015 table was so strong, heavy, cumbersome and very difficult to move either in the T@B or get out the door, we couldn’t wait to replace it with something lighter and more mo…
  • If you want to private message-PM-someone, click on their user name, select the “ message” box to the right of their name and a new narrative box opens. If you want to direct a public post to a specific poster within a thread, place an @sign, type t…
  • But @deroiste Wandering aimlessly in forum threads reveals....actually, really truly quite a lot. Unless, of course, you’re on a mission.
  • Caution @deroiste! Physical injury can be avoided by reading the threads mentioned above!