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  • Ha, you folks are funny! The predicted lows are higher than the expected highs here. I'm jealous!
  • @Michigan_Mike, Nice sunset, a little cruel, but nice. I have both hot coffee, and/or hot toddies, instructions start Wednesday ( next fluffy rain event), snowblower is full of gas, shovel sharpened & waxed, & I'll show you the metal foldin…
  • @ChanW, There are indeed pictures, however, not on any of my cameras. I'll have to check with one of my long-time friends & ask if he still has any. Duke (my Shepard/Wolf) hasn't been with me now for over 20 years. I hadn't even thought about pi…
  • Ahem, @Michigan_Mike, I'm pretty sure you meant the South West. If 'ya come North West this time of year....I DO give FREE snow blower/shoveling lessons!
  • @brookings, When exploring this option, you'll need to be quite mindful of the clearance factor inside the wheel well itself. Make sure you measure not only circumference, but width as well before taking the plunge.
  • @COcamper, Many thanks for sharing your adventure. Maybe it will inspire other "newbies" to get out & explore a lot more!
  • @Michigan_Mike, look under Cabelas under metal folding table there are a couple there that should fit the bill!
  • Thanks fer puttin' a smile on my face @Ratkity! Sounds like both pups are on a good track to becoming awesome companions!!! Thanks fer sharin'!
  • @brookings, hmmm....I'm for thinkin' your wife doesn't read the forum, nor does the dog,....'ya MIGHT be takin' up permanent residence in your T@B though!
  • @ScottG, I'm pretty sure @cotracye is referring to the rubber strip that goes on top, not the side. (See photo at the beginning of this post.) I've had to push mine back in several times.  @cotracye , Like Scott said though, call parts, they will st…
  • You guys are FUNNY! I get the trusty ol' blue percolator ready the night before, so all I have to do is fire up the stove. Besides, I REALLY don't care if folks see me in my jammies or not...I sport some pretty cool ones! Ha, If 'ya don't like it, d…
    in Kuerig Comment by ericnliz January 19
  • @rkj__, Looks like he's got some growin' to do before he fits in to those feet! Are 'ya teachin' him to make sure to lock up the T@B when you're out on adventures with those keys?
  • @Homebodyatheart, I like to think my "dodgin'" skills have got a lot better. A good ZAP once in a while does a body good!
  • @ChanW, @Homebodyatheart, & @Ratkity, I've tried the "Chan" method & woke up with print on my face, and the knowledge of uh...lets NOT do THAT again! (And I had to use a mirror to read THAT page!) @ Ratkity, if you're remembering the class &…
  • @Ratkity, Looks like 'ya got yourself a winner there. Always cracked me up when their ears would start to stand up...usually one at a time. Them there are called ear "winks"! Every single Shepard, or Shepard mix I've ever had would "talk" to me. @r…
  • @Ratkity, You just have that "shocking" personality!
  • @2Cougs, Wanna come help fill feeders in about 2 months? 
  • @2Cougs, @Homebodyatheart, @Vikings, @Dalehelman, @JerryandVicki, @Verna, @Michigan_Mike, @Ratkity, and every other T@B friend: I'd like to put a smile on your face today.  Yesterday, I got home from running errands, and happened to see the newspap…
  • Brought Liz's remains home today. Had to wait for her daughters to get their hummingbird vial/necklaces filled. I'm quite sure she's happier here.
  • @ScottG, GOOD one!
  • @Homebodyatheart, & @dsatwork, If it's THAT much of a draw on 2 100AH AGM batteries, I WANNA PARTY WITH THOSE CRITTERS!!!! Just sayin'!
  • @Ratkity, Patience, and perseverance work every time. He's turning in to a right handsome feller! I've found the first 2 to three years are the worst to get through. I call 'em the doggie teens! The self training can at times be harder than the …
  • @loveisafuel, Welcome to the T@B family!
  • @ScottG, was more like chewin' tobacco than grounds! If I smiled real big, you coulda' seen the grounds! I had to face the other way to spit so she wouldn't catch on. When I say she filled the basket ALL the way up, I mean ALL the way up…
    in Kuerig Comment by ericnliz January 16
  • @mickietucs, I've done it by myself before with a 6" level, just takes a little patience. You just back up, or pull forward, get out & check level & adjust accordingly. Really doesn't take that long & the big plus is the wedge it comes w…
  • @Ratkity, Ok, I want you to put yer beverage DOWN! The first pot of coffee that my kind sweet wife Liz made for me was WAY beyond crunchy. I was busy doing some other things in camp, & Liz asked if I wanted coffee. I had ol' blue right from the …
    in Kuerig Comment by ericnliz January 15
  • Give 'em a try @jkjenn, you'll love the simplicity & ease of using them.
  • @JandJ92010, Campfires are great for cooking,I agree. The problem that we experience here in the great North West is the summer burn bans. That's when you have to get creative!
  • @caa677276 , "The biggest factor is that my wife says the 400 is just cuter so end of discussion." That kinda says it all right there! Happy wife, happy life!  
  • @2Cougs, Now, you know... the lil' devil in me spoke to me when I chose the purple one for you!!! I know Liz got a good chuckle out of it too!