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New Tab S owner 3 days. Pulling it with a Subaru outback. It's a 09 with 45,000 miles. It's the last year with the old style transmission. Pulled it 70 miles from the dealer on flat freeway. got about 16mpg at 60/65mph. 12 on grade. Went to Costco today and they had some mattress toppers called Nova Form. 3" thick. much better memory I think. I bought a single that fits the back seat folded down perfectly leaving the 2 side seats as is and it fits behind the seat rolled up. I'm solo so it's perfect. I thick $70. well worth it. Love my tab.


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    congrats !  I searched at Costco as well but wanted one that fits the awkward size of 70x73 when the full bed is made up.  I know there's lots of threads about this subject, but glad you found a great solution ! :)   I'm a new owner too, I've had mine home for 2 weeks now, 2015 S as well.

    Hope you have many great adventures !
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    It’s real easy to cut the mattress toppers using scissors or an electric carving knife. Just get the larger size and cut it to fit. I currently have a 2” (cheapo version) and would love to put a 3” one in there but afraid it will cover the heat vents in my 2015. I use the space above the back shelf for clothes so drilling holes there is not an option. 
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