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What kind of cars can tow a tab?


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    @Mare Hi Mare! We need to know which T@B model you're interested in. There are many and they vary quite a lot in size and weight.
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    @Mare, Lots of posts here about that very subject. Personally though... a vehicle that exceeds the towing capacity required for the model you're interested in, AND a hitch that exceeds the capacity for the tongue weight with a seven pin port for both brakes & charging. A vehicle with a minimum of a V6 motor with a transmission cooler, especially if you're headed to mountainous areas. Just a personal opinion from someone that does a lot of boondock campin'. :)
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    Generally speaking, most vehicles that are offered from the dealer with a tow package (not just an aftermarket installed trailer hitch), can often tow a T@b.  A tow package often includes a larger engine, a suitable transmission that has sufficient cooling, in addition to the trailer hitch and wiring.  There are many exceptions to any general statement on the subject though.

    Most sedans and hatchbacks
    Sports cars

    Midsize crossovers and SUVs, if properly equipped

    Most Minivans and large crossovers 
    Body on frame SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks

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    Honda and Toyota minivans, too.
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