Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall - 11/02/17

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We are reaching out to inform you that there is a potential recall of the fire extinguisher in your camper.  Walter Kidde (fire extinguisher manufacturer) issued a recall on 11/2/17, stating that the fire extinguisher can become clogged and fail to activate during a fire emergency.  The fire extinguisher model number affected by this recall is 210D

We advise that you check your unit to see if you have one of these fire extinguishers. It only applies to units built from this 03/01/2017 through 11/17/2017If your unit has one of these fire extinguishers, reach out to Walter Kidde at 855-271-0773 or visit their website at and they will replace the fire extinguisher for free. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


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    And they'll replace many of their fire extinguishers as far back as the 1990s. When you enter your model# on their website, they'll let you know if it's one of the recalled models.
    They send out the new one with a return shipping label for the old one.
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    Yup, I had a model number FF210D-1.  Kidde is mailing me a new extinguisher.  Here's a link to the identification info.

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    Our T@B extinguisher is First Alert, but I did have one in the truck recalled...good news is they’ll replace it, bad news is they’re way backlogged so don’t hold your breath.

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    Thanks for posting this, and glad I check the forum. 
    We have now received our replacement, as well as another for the one we had in our kitchen.  Still wondering why this was a only a B-C type and not an A-B-C.

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    My 2018 T@b came with an extiguisher that was on the recall list.  I sent for the replacement and they sent me one that was twice the size of the one that came in my T@b. The one recalled was a 2lb. ext., and the one they sent to replace it is a 6lb. ext, and twice the size!   It will not fit...when I called they said that that's all that they could do and that they had sent me one better than the one I had.  As you know there is very limited space, so in my opinion that is not better.  So I guess I will have to buy a new one from somewhere else.  The Kidde company was very unhelpful! Did they replace anyone else's with the correct size?
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    Just a heads up. When you return the recalled fire extinguisher to Kidde (using the box that the replacement comes in), you cannot drop it off at a Fedex location. You must call the number listed and have it picked up by a driver. If you call the Fedex number and they tell you otherwise, they are wrong.  :s
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    Check if you have a Fedex Distribution Center in your area.  The smaller Fedex storefronts are not equipped or qualified to handle and store the extinquishers (as Marceline points out).  I have a Distribution Center nearby and they took the (properly labeled and packed) box with no problems. 

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