Got a Non-T@B Trailer...

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Yes, I got a non-T@B camper. I sold my T@B Outback back in July and ordered a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB. It is a larger (4 ft. longer and 1 ft. wider than 320) TT. I just picked it up last week and had my first (test) camping this past weekend. Overall, I like my new trailer, but I am still trying to adjust myself from T@B...

What I miss:
Narrower body - After driving and parking several times, I noticed I was so used to be able to see the back of the trailer while driving/backing up.
Alde - I think Alde is the best heating system for small trailers. It's like an oil filled heater. Almost no sounds and no air blowing (no sore throat).
Shower door - It is nice to be able to just wipe down the door after taking a shower. I also did not like the shower curtain sticking on my body.
Light weight - Even the Winnebago's dry weight is 3,000 lb, I still feel it more on my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder (6,000 towing capacity). MPG is bad also.
TV close to bed - I don't know why Winnebago mounted the TV on the other side of the trailer.
Lower Bed - My dog does not like how high (tall) the Winnebago's bed is.
Looks - This was the main reason I got the T@B.
Windows and screen/shade - I really miss this one...
I know I will miss NuCamp support also...

What I like about the new one:
Larger body - Of course it has more room and storage. I have moved everything that was in the T@B. I still got more than 2/3 of the storage empty.
Larger water tanks - I know 25G gray tank is not as big as other trailers in class, but 25G black and 31G freshwater tanks are really nice.
Larger/reliable fridge - It has fridge and freezer. I haven't been able to test in 100F+ Texas heat yet, but under 76F ish, it's working find while driving/camping.
3-burner stove - I know I'm not going to use all three at the same time (I mostly cook outside), but it's nice to have the option. Oh and it has an oven, too.
Double sink - nice to have extra space for washing.
Dry bath - no wet feet when I use the toilet.
15,000BTU A/C - I ordered it with this option (vs. 13,500 BTU). They did not charge extra for it.
More lights - It has so many lights inside the trailer.


  • dragonsdoflydragonsdofly Posts: 493Member
    Congrats on your new purchase. It's clear to me you won't be travelling with as much style, but perhaps, for you, with added comfort. Stay in touch and share some of your new adventures from time to time.  Happy travels.
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    Great looking rig! The Winnie is one that we looked long and hard at before we decided to stay with the T@B a while longer. Love their interiors, storage space and their style. Good luck with it. 
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    Nice creature comforts!
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    The interior looks quite nice.  Enjoy your new trailer. 
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    I can understand the appeal. However, after owning a T@B, you must chuckle every time you see the name "Micro" on that rig.  :-)
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    Nice. We looked at Micro Minnies before buying our T@b. Almost got the bunk bed model.

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  • RatkityRatkity Posts: 3,189Member
    I have the 820R toy hauler retro. A wee taller and 8 ft wide. I miss all the things you mentioned. Especially the Alde. I have to have a white noise (battery operated) to drown out the furnace. Where the Minnie has extra space, I am able to put a 7 ft Harley when the back is dropped down to a ramp. hehe. BTW, the front tire goes through the kitchen. It's a tight space! Alas, I am a T@B lover at heart. I love hearing of T@B adventures and all the new cool things they keep coming up with at the factory!!!
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    Congrats! I'm surprised you didn't mention the double axle as a plus. I enjoy seeing other trailers as it always confirms to me that our T@B is best for us. Enjoy! :)

    Gail & John 

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    Thanks for sharing your pix and insights!  There are a lot of “light” 3,000# RV’s out there now (Bambi, Jayco, etc.) and we often wonder if the view would be worth the climb for something bigger.  Your comparative comments are most helpful...

    J.D. & Sue

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    Looks like your dog likes the bed too. Enjoy, and do keep in touch. 
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    Congrats, You have a beautiful trailer. I thought hard about an R-pod 171, the smallest and lightest of R pods. The larger frontal area in the wind, weight and size ended up being too much for me.  I sort of thought the Tab might be a tad small but after camping a few times, I am sold on the T@b!  Enjoy and Happy Camping!
  • RatkityRatkity Posts: 3,189Member
    Congrats! I'm surprised you didn't mention the double axle as a plus. I enjoy seeing other trailers as it always confirms to me that our T@B is best for us. Enjoy! :)
    I'm still getting used to the double axle. My trailer is 5400# loaded, except my bike is only 750#. Weighed, it's only about 4000# with the bike. The tongue weight of the toy hauler is higher than the rule-of-thumb 10% of the trailer weight. For that reason, I have a weight distribution and anti-sway system (R3 Recurve 600#). Oh... and the electric jack I put on SAVES da back. I set it up so it has a 7 pin plug to the truck. That way I can take the weight distribution stuff off and level the trailer while the truck is running and save my camper battery.
    2017 820R Retro Toy Hauler from 2015 Tabitha T@B from 2009 Reverse LG Teardrop (but a T@Bluver at heart)
  • JiroTXJiroTX Posts: 124Member
    I didn't list the double axle because it simply isn't needed for T@Bs. I'm still getting used to it also.
    Thanks everyone for the comments!
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    We kept our old 19' double axle trailer when we bought the T@B, and, except for the towing, we are much more comfortable in the old camper. As someone said, it has no style, but comfort wins out. It also has a much simpler hot water system with a twist to set temperature dial. 
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    I am envious of the power awning! ;)
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