Kidde plastic handled fire extinguisher recall - since 1973

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It seems we might have to send in our fire extinguishers...

Not sure about the ones in our Tabs, there's a special mention of extinguishers in RVs.
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    I have a early 2016 build CS-S max and the extinguisher is a First Alert model. It is not listed on the recall list. I do have a home extinguisher that has been recalled. Thanks for the heads up. 
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    Thanks for the 2013 I bought one of these Kidde recalled models.  I then  gave extinquishers to about 7 friends as Christmas/birthday/housewarming presents........excuse me while I make phone calls and send emails..."Oh, by the way...."

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    Yeah, I just filed for 6 replacement extinguishers for my home.
    I checked the Tab and it's a First Alert.
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    Thanks 2 of 3 are on the list.
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    I have 3 that were on the list. I called the number listed on the recall site and everything went smoothly. My replacements are to be delivered in 15-20 days. The folks at Kidde were very nice.
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    Thanks for sharing this info. The extinguisher in my home was on the list. 
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    Just checked the one in our 400 it is on the list.  It is the FF210d-1.  When I filled the form on the net, the one listed did not have the -1 at the end but had the FF210d.  they said should have one 15 to 20 days and it may or may not fit.  Guess we will see how it goes.
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    I finally got to check the 3 Kidde fire extinguishers we have; the two in the house were not on the recall list, but the one I keep in my Tacoma was...sent info to Kidde for replacement.  As noted above, the First Alert (made by Ansul) in our T@B is not part of the recall. However..I did notice that it’s a “B-C” dry chemical extinguisher for liquids and electrical fires (designed for kitchens).  Seems it might be worth replacing with an “A-B-C” type to include paper, wood, and fabric?   Has anyone else investigated this?

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    My 2018 Boondock has the Model FF210D-1. I sent the information in today, no problem.

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    I had 6 in my house replaced, but our Tab had a different brand, First Alert.
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  • booboo Posts: 631Member
    We had four Kidd extinguishers in our home. Saw the recall notice. Wife called company and they went over the serial numbers on our extinguishers. One of the four was on recall.
    They sent us a new one and we returned the defective one, prepaid shipping.
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