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T@G Max xl owner here, under the "T@B Forum" there is a button for new discussion, but when I go to the "T@G" area there is no button for "New discussion"...am I not looking to post in that area???


  • VernaVerna Posts: 4,393Administrator
    If you are accessing the new T@G and small Teardrop forum, try clicking on “Discussions” and that will give you a “New Discussion” tab. We’d love for more of the T@G owners and wanna-be’s to post there. 
    Verna, Indianapolis, Indiana; 2014 T@B S M@X, white/red, INDIANA  H@@SIER; towed by 2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 TRD 4x4; T@B Administrator
  • ontheroadontheroad Posts: 79Member
    Verna, thanks..I wasn't in the "NEW" area..I think the confusion lies that I had to click on a closed discussion to get there...just joined the group...I think there should be a link to it under "Categories" on the T@B forum page since that's how I keep finding it..
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Posts: 2,170Administrator
    I also added a T@G category on the T@B menu.  It is not a discussion area, but provides the redirect link back to this site.  I will also create a new discussion thread at the top of the T@B forum area that will be an announcement that there was a prior issue.   

    Thanks for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  
    Mike Smith 
    Linden, Mi
    2015 T@B Max S
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  • ontheroadontheroad Posts: 79Member
    thanks again Mike!
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