Walker Tent/Awning for T@B 400 Experience

After having the Walker Tent in a box for over a month, we finally had the opportunity (and TIME...more on that in a moment) to erect it. It is wonderfully well made and provides a large enclosed, protected space. It includes all the front and side panels and curtains as seen in this picture. It does not come with flooring, so you will need carpeting of some sort. Some things to know before getting this for your 400:
1. You can only use it if the ground permits stakes. As you can see from the picture, we did not stake the walls down, just the storm straps and corners. It was not windy by the time we were finished erecting it, so we decided to forego fighting with the dozen or so stakes in the rocky ground.
2. You will need a ladder or step-stool of some sort to pull the awning along the Keder rail over the apex of the arc. I backed up my Tundra and stood on the tailgate to be able to pull the awning along the highest portion of the Keder rail. Unless you can get up to where you can pull the awning straight towards you along the rail, it won't budge (only took 45 minutes to figure that one out..once I did, the awning slid easily along the railing).
3. You need two people. If there is ANY wind of any sort, the tent will act like a giant box kite. Attempting to secure the poles that run from the trailer to the door side of the tent is not fun when the tent wants to lift off he ground!
4. The first time you want to erect this tent, plan on A LOT OF TIME (a few hours). There are a lot of parts to this tent that must be assembled (you know..."some assembly required") including clamps, poles, clips, tie-downs, etc. that, once assembled, can be left in place for the next time you use the tent. The instructions are not the clearest, but you will need them; this is not an intuitive project.
5. Be patient! It will be worth the effort. We were beginning to regret our purchase when we couldn't get the tent to budge along the Keder rail. Once we solved that, we had other obstacles to figure out, but we did and we are very glad we persevered...you will be, too!

I will more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about this product. I may try to put together an assembly video to help others navigate the instructions.

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  • PJ123PJ123 Posts: 11Member
    Whoosh!  Thanks for the leg work knoxville1915!  DW and I about to pull the trigger on a Walker as we have, from time to time, included grandkids "on our many travels". We like the idea of the extra room, security,yada,yada but may have to rethink the Walker because of ease of use, time, etc. hmmmmm.  Thanks Agaiin!

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  • IntrinsicIntrinsic Posts: 3Member
    Where did you get your Walker tent?  The NuCamp store only shows the tent for the 320.

  • TABakerTABaker Posts: 389Member
    You may need to lubricate the keder rail so that the tent slides a bit better.
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    The Walker tent was discussed recently in another thread and if I recall correctly someone stated it does not include or offer screen panels for the openings.

    Can you confirm this? It looks like a fantastic enclosure (I actually like that it has no floor) but in my neck of the woods insect screening is non-negotiable!
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    I live the look of the Walker tent, a lot, but I have heard it would be very tough for one person to put up.

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    @knoxville1915 a carefully applied stream of silicone spray along the inside of the keder rail will make sliding anything along much easier! Thanks for the great review!
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    I have the "OLD" Isabella tent room. I have always been able to put it up by myself. The key is to lubricate the keder rail with silicone spray. We actually had TWO of these. Just sold our 2005 T@B and gifted them one of the Isabella's (no poles) and kept the other for use with our brand new T@B 320S.

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