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The nüCamp Forum areas are open forum discussion areas, supported by owners and potential owners T@B trailers and their associated products. The sole purpose of the forum community is as follows:

  • To promote the teardrop and family way of life 
  • To learn and share new information
  • To help others 
  • To create an atmosphere of mutual respect and goodwill 
  • Build camaraderie
  • Encourage the community
  • Foster a sense of trust
  • Identify latent defects in components
  • Discover workmanship issues
  • Improve factory processes
  • Upgrade components and implement user ideas
  • Continue building great campers that you love


nüCamp maintains a "Zero Tolerance" policy on its forum areas.    This means that we will not tolerate underhanded, derogatory, offensive, illegal or improper behavior(s) or activities by any individual or members and that we will act appropriately, and to the degree necessary to correct said activities/actions to enforce all rules within the forum areas on the nüCamp web site.  

1. Any information and instructions posted and provided within the forum areas are to be used at your own risk. By following or utilizing any of this information or instructions, you give up and forfeit the right to hold nüCamp or any of their affiliates liable for any damages that might result.  Additionally, any information/instructions/photographs posted by members can be utilized by nüCamp for whatever use they deem appropriate, unless the information is copyrighted.   
2. The forum and discussion areas are organized and categorized by topics and interests. Please post questions or messages in the appropriate discussion area.
3. Any topic(s) or question(s) posted in a discussion area on the forum, and found to be either inappropriate/offensive/derogatory/incorrectly posted, the nüCamp Administrators/Moderators can and will be altered/removed/deleted for any reasons the forum administrators/moderators/owners/management deem reasonable and at their discretion, or move the postings to the correct discussion area.
4. The use of profanity in forum areas is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate suspension and loss of member privileges therein.
5. No racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal attacks will be tolerated and will result in the loss of member privileges and immediate suspension/removal from the forum.
6. Postings that are deemed as either offensive, inflammatory, hurtful and directed at other members, insubordinate behavior/actions/commentary toward a moderator/administrator/nüCamp employee, etc. will not be tolerated, will be removed and can also lead to an immediate suspension and ban from the forum areas. This includes flaming or instigating arguments.

NOTE:  Postings and comments pertaining to politics, religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual preferences are not allowed in the nüCamp forum areas and will be removed by a moderator or administrator at their discretion and as deemed necessary.  

7. You are free to disagree with others, but if you stoop to personal abuse or attacks, continued negativity toward the nüCamp brand name/product line or those of its affiliates or distributors, etc., your post(s) will be deleted and forum membership can be terminated. If you are insulted please report the post to an admin or moderator, but do not retaliate.  
8. Spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible - SPAMMERS WILL BE BANNED!  
9. Pictures may be posted as long as they are not sexually explicit or offensive to others.
10. Member households may have only one account on this forum - Any additional accounts created/found will be deleted.
11. Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from this forum and web site.
12. Forum members are allowed (as of Oct. 6, 2015) to list/post "For Sale" items (e.g., screen rooms, canopies, trailer covers, mounted components, camping & trailer related accessories, etc.) on the forum area as follows:

  • "For Sale" items on the Forum areas:  For sale items are classified herein (for this intent) and listed in the nüCamp forum areas MUST pertain to and be used solely for and in conjunction with the T@B trailer units.  Some specific examples would be as follows:  Mounted air vents, screen room, trailer awning, solar panel, leveling device for trailer, LED lantern, trailer cover, sleeping bag, porti-potti, etc.  Items not permitted "For Sale" are things like perishable goods, hand made items such as pot-holders (and similar decorations), automotive items, smaller camping wares like silverware, plates, knives, etc. as the intent here is to allow members a means of selling larger items that do in fact pertain to and are used in conjunction with their trailer units.  In as much as this is and will be a gray area, is debatable and a good case "might" be made (as to what can be sold) for the sale of similar goods, as moderators and admin, we do reserve the right to pull the plug on any ad posted on the forum (by deleting it) at anytime, without notice and at our discretion should we deem a posting as unacceptable for the intents therein.  
  • Listing of Items - Items listed by members will be listed and sold on an "as is" basis and without warranty, etc.
  • No Commercial or Business Related Goods Allowed -  The intent of the "For Sale" area is to allow members a means of selling used and unused gear and accessories.  No individual will be allowed to use the forum area as a means of selling or promoting commercially produced goods via their business or any business related goods produced therein related to and in conjunction with their business, via their business interests, etc.  You get the drift here and listings will be deleted immediately that hint to any such activity therein.  
  • How to place an Ad - When listing an item for sale please list the following information - brief item description, attach a photo of the item, price "asked" for listed item, contact information (e.g., phone number, email address, etc.), city & state, etc.  It will be the responsibility of both the seller & buyer to arrange and agree upon shipping and delivery costs, etc.of any items listed.  
  • Offers & Bids -  Courtesy and consideration should be exercised in any offer made for a posted forum item and if you say "you want the item" this will end the sale unless the seller agrees to re-list an item.  Private or lower bids for listed items should be sent to the seller via a private message as bidding wars will not be entertained.  Postings that are considered off topic, irrelevant and clog an ad will be removed as needed.
  • Disputes - The sale and selling of any item listed in an ad by a forum member on the nüCamp web site is solely between the seller and the purchaser of the listed item.  Should any dispute or disagreement arise (e.g., as a result of a defect, payment for the item, false advertising claim, etc.) it will be the sole responsibility of the seller/buyer to resolve the dispute as the forum moderators/admin (and nüCamp) will not intervene, nor will they take sides or form opinions in such disputes.  The forum moderators, admin and nüCamp take no responsibility, nor liability therein as a result (e.g., via any defect, defective part(s), incidents, fraudulent activity, misrepresentation of listed goods, etc.) of any items listed "for sale" and "as is" on the forum area, other than to monitor/maintain the site, append postings per member requests, removal of ads on an as needed basis, etc.  
  • Length of time for "For Sale" Postings -  Forum members will be allowed to post ads to the forum areas for a period of three months (at which time it will be removed by a moderator/admin) or until the item is sold or the ad has been removed.  It will be a member's responsibility to update the ad listed and remove it when an item sells.  If you are unable to remove an ad, please contact a moderator/admin for removal, etc.  
  • No Linking Allowed -   It is not allowed, nor will we it be permitted for a member to link externally to any web site via a posted ad, whether it be to Craigslist, Amazon, EBay, etc. when selling any item via the forum area.  
  • No "looking for" posts by members are allowed - we do not allow ads or postings that specify that  a member is looking for a specific camper or item are permitted. 
NOTE: Posting will be closely monitored and any posting found to violate the above rules/policy will immediately be removed without notice to the seller or listing party.  nüCamp, its moderators and admin reserve the right to remove/edit postings at their discretion and in the best interests of nüCamp, their distributors and affiliates therein.  

13. Forum members are explicitly forbidden from posting/promoting external websites or businesses and interests on the forum as follows:

(a.) Business Interests/Business Postings - No web site listings/addresses or similar personal business interests (or business promotions) that promote one's business, business services, or those of another are permitted.  

(b.) Member Forum Signatures - No web site addresses, business listings, advertising or any implied business promotions (or directing members to a remote web site via their signature) are permitted in member signatures. 

14. Personal Blogs -  Personal blogs will be permitted to be placed and referenced to on the forum, but are only permitted in the discussion category known as the "Helpful Links Category."  If you do post up your personal blog in this area please DO NOT make reference to, nor imply any personal business service(s) in your posting, nor create a link that directs forum members to the site with the intent of creating personal monetary gain via nüCamp's corporate web site.  


Violation of any of these rules can lead to a permanent ban from the nüCamp forum and web site and a deletion of a user’s account.
When posting on this web site you agree that the administrators and the moderators of this forum have the right to modify, delete, edit or close any topic, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit.

If you have any questions concerning this, please send a private message to the site administrators. 

Thank you for choosing nüCamp and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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