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How do I address my comment to someone without copying the whole quote.  example "@Abc" and it shows up in a different colour
2016 CS-S silver and red, 2016 Toyota Sienna V6


  • ClaudeAClaudeA Posts: 37Member
    Oops after I posted the question I saw my own answer. Sorry
    2016 CS-S silver and red, 2016 Toyota Sienna V6
  • ericnlizericnliz Posts: 3,896Member
    Easy, peasy, glad 'ya got it figured out! :)
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  • RatkityRatkity Posts: 3,183Member
    T@B University badge for figgering out forum stuff! If you type a colon and then put any alphabet letter beside it, you can see all the emoticons you can use... go through the entire alphabet... there's some good ones in there!
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