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I am having trouble using the search function in this new forum. When I type a question in the search window, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?.
I am trying to locate a cover for my black tank pipe end. Mine is cracking.
Thanks boo.


  • VernaVerna Posts: 4,393Administrator
    @boo, I've found the search function doesn't work with a question. It's not as sophisticated as Google.

    If you search for "gray tank cap", you'll see 4 posts with one having the part link to Amazon. Walmart has the cap in their RV section, also. (Yes, I know you wanted a cap for the blank tank pipe, but they do take the same cap.) 

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    Can't help with the technical issues but I recently purchased this from camping world www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/termination-cap/6384 .  It fits well but is really tight, hope it loosens a little with use.
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    Figured it out. After putting something in search window, "hit enter on your computer keyboard".
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    I sent a note on to the tech team earlier today requesting that they do look into an enhanced search mechanism or software for the forum.   It seems to me that the search capability was better earlier this year and seems to have dropped off to a 1-3 word maximum search when seeking forum information.  Vanilla has a better capability than we are currently utilizing and it all might revolve around $$$ and an added enhancement that will easily cure the current problem encountered when searching for good information.  I am hoping that you will eventually be able to type in a full sentence string and that it will result in multiple pages of good data that is current and usable....  Only time will tell and the developers have noted this request and will begin looking into it tomorrow.   
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    @Michigan_Mike, I for one know you folks are working hard to make this as good a Forum as you possibly can. We'll just need to be a little patient while the glitches are getting worked out. I hope the comments being made are of a useful content, and will help you in the long run as there is a lot of data to be sorted out. Thanks. :)
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    Occasionally someone posts about their search problems, but what about all the others who try a search, don't get results, and start a new thread for the same subject covered numerous times in the past? I bet the majority of new users do that, but you can't blame them. They aren't aware of the limitations and haven't been taught any search tricks -- which boils down to one short text phrase. The more you type the less likely you'll locate what you are looking for.

    I have posted this before but let's say you are looking to winterize your T@B. The best search phrase to locate relevant articles would be "winteriz" (no quotes). That will list articles with winterize, winterized, or winterizing in the title or comments. Typing in winterized would miss articles containing winterizing. Typing in "how do I winterize my T@B?" will produce bupkis. :o

    Basically the forum doesn't support natural language full-text queries, AND logic, plural or variations on words, or logical filters. So it needs to be obvious to KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE. ;)  Here are my suggestions on how to do that:

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    I remember a few members who recommended using their web browser to search which "may" result in matches on the forum
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