Atwood Heater Service Manual

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Description: 2004 edition of the Atwood Furnace Service Manual. Atwood furnaces were installed in Dutchman era T@Bs and some early LG/PV T@Bs. LED fault codes are found on page 13. Additional troubleshooting tips are included in the comments.

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    Have a T@B 2005 CS trailer.  The heater is not working and there is a light signal error code for 'limit switch/air flow problem'.  Looking for help from anyone with a similar problem and how you fixed it.  Thanks!
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    First, there is a reset button near that light - try pushing that.
    If the fan sounds like it is running , it could be a problem with the "sail switch" in the airflow from the blower. 
    IIRC it can be accessed from the side along the bottom toward the outside wall.

    It looks like this:

    Furnace Low Air Flow Switch 36680

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